How To Bullet Journal—For Beginners

Bullet Journaling Can Be Simple

Social media has spread the wonderful concept of bullet journaling. But for many people, it has also conflated it with looking presentable: a performance art.

At Owl Paper, I take the goal of sharing what I've learned to create self-compassion (but more meanintful) days seriously. It's my passion. It's how I've balanced the many hats I wear and overcome the challenges I've faced without losing my will to live. I want to give you a bit more peace and meaning. The following blog post is a good place to start.

How To Bullet Journal In The Owl Paper’s Planner Journal

By Marisa Porter | March 4, 2023 |

My answer to the many wonderful problems I encountered when I embarked on the beautiful journey of bullet journaling.

It’s the natural, almost effortless, creation of four years of growing out of a weekly planner and into bullet journaling.

my fiive year planning journal and how it led me to create my own b6 tomoe river paper planner

I Couldn’t Find The Perfect Planner So I Made One

By Marisa Porter | February 24, 2023

How trying every planner on the market led me to create the Nightowl Journal –the perfect tomoe river paper blend between bullet journal and planner.