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NightOwl Bullet Journal—Tomoe River Paper

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Finally enough Tomoe River Paper.

304 pages of Tomoe River Paper with six months of structured monthlies and weeklies. Sold as a two-book set, so that’s 608 pages total. Use as many as you need.

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If you’ve always wanted to get into bullet journaling but crave the structure of monthly and weekly layouts, or if you’ve tried it and are so avid you migrate every six weeks, this is the dot grid journal for you.

Made on 304 pages of tomoe river paper so you are less likely to run out, it has six months of weeklies and monthlies, begins with goal pages, still contains an impressive 231 blank pages!

If you love bullet journals but don’t want to keep redrawing your weeklies and monthlies, the NightOwl Journal is for you.
If you love planners with vertical weeklies and daily pages, but never have enough blanks, this planner is for you.
It’s a six-month B6 planner with an index page, goal setting pages, quarterlies, monthlies, and weeklies, and a massive 231 blank pages!

nightowl journal tomoe river paper b6 planner

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“If you’ve always wanted to align your days with your values and purpose, the NightOwl grid bullet journal and method can show you how. It’s helped me overcome many challenges to grow in my identity and overcome challenges, and allows me to reflect, connect, and slow down in a demanding, notification-driven world.” ~Marisa


  • 52gsm Tomoe River Paper.
  • Monday start
  • Six months of monthlies (which includes a calendar and a blank spread), weeklies, and dailies.
  • 231 blank pages total (enough for six months of dailies plus extras for collections and mindmaps)
  • 304 pages total
  • Blank spread between every month for lists, goals, and memories.
    Verticial weeklies.
  • Numbered pages throughout.
    Blank goal setting pages so you can use your style of goal setting.
  • Two quarterly spreads.
  • 3.7mm dot grid.
  • B6: 128mm x 182mm x 13mm
  • 5.04in x 7.17in. x .49in

Order of Pages

  • Index spread.
  • Goal-setting spread
  • Quarterly overview spread.
  • Monthly spread plus blank spread repeated six times.
  • Half a year of weeklies spreads.
  • 219 more blank pages.

*Purchasing a copy of NightOwl Journal supports the funding of this Journal. While anything that supports NightOwl supports our family’s journey, if you’d like to donate directly to our adoption fund instead, please go to Porter family adoption

nightowl journal tomoe river paper b6 planner

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304 page tomoe river bullet journal hybrid planner

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