15 Daily Affirmations To Journal Now and When Overwhelmed

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There are many journaling techniques that positively impact your life. Daily Affirmations Journaling is one.

The things we say and do in the first sliver of morning light can set the stage for the symphony of our day, influencing our mood and energy levels. For those of us striving for better mental well-being (all of us), this initial tone can be especially crucial. Unfortunately, many of us have a strong inner critic that does anything but speak daily affirmations to us.

I struggle to daily comabt my inner critic and become my own best friend. So I try daily affirmations in my daily journal habit from the first sliver of morning light. It’s a way to infuse my mornings with kindness, a gentle reminder of of the brighter colors of life.

Daily affirmations journaling can help retrain your brain and bring calm when you are stuck in the past or overwhelmed.

This set of daily affirmations affirmations might be helpful for those who may suffer from PTSD or feel stuck in the past as they were for me.

Grab your planner, bullet journal, or a plain old notebook, and try one of these fifteen affirmations now and next time you are overwhelmed. When you’re done, pick your favorite and incorporate it into your daily layout each day for a week and see what happens. (For insanely simple daily layouts, check out this blog post).

My favorite current for daily affirmation: The present moment is perfect, even if I don’t like what’s happening.

I am a new person every day.

Punishing myself for the past won’t make anyone feel better.

I am healing at my own pace, and I will be at peace.

I open up myself to new life, new experiences, and new people.

Open your eyes to see the rainbow of possibilities. (Licensed Family Counselor Alejandra Biehl).

My future is an amazing gift.

I will live in the possibility of all that can happen that is good.

I choose to reconnect with joy and love.

I am happy to be free of the problems of the past and welcome new experiences.

I know that what belongs to me will simply find me.

There is nothing in this world that belongs to me that I can truly lose.

You still haven’t met all the people yet who will love you.

What if the future holds another gift?

What do I fear will happen if I am less critical of myself?

I can do more with self-compassion than self-criticism.

I am focused on the present and building a life I love.

More ideas for journaling for mental health here.

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